• Education Entrepreneurship Incubator

    Actualizing educational change for teachers, administrators, and schools.

  • Overview

    The Education Entrepreneurship Incubator (EEI) was founded by a team of educators who are passionate about doing school differently. We believe that when guided by a core set of principles, and a committed team, school can be a more equitable and moving experience for teachers, students, administrators, and the entire local community.


    Individuals, teams, and organizations entering into an EEI experience are similarly committed to doing things differently. They are looking for generative discussion, help with action planning, and the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals. Each EEI is customized by the facilitation team to a specific context. We work with stakeholders to design an experience that incubates change and/or action plans for the actualization of change.


    EEI's are great for - Districts / Schools / Organizations looking to transform instructional practices, student experiences, leadership, and/or culture; Teams looking to generate insights and innovative approaches to challenges or practices; Individuals looking to gain traction in pursuit of an idea or objective.


    Wondering if an EEI might be good for you or your organization? Contact us via phone - 215-816-5274 or email - EDUincubator@gmail.com, and we can begin a conversation.

  • Principles

    School can be different, for students and teachers. As educators, we want to make a difference. We have big ideas and want to initiate changes in our classrooms, schools, districts, and communities but need help making it happen.


    Educators should work together around a shared vision to construct learning environments that are dynamic, feature a diverse set of perspectives, and empower the entire community.


    Teaching and learning should be accessible and adequate for everyone. It should prioritize those who might not have access, and encourage those with access to evaluate what they do have.


    Learning should be relevant and real, engaging the a sense of compassion and purpose. Teachers and students should work together to find meaning in their action and a future goal in their work.


    Education continues to be slow to react to our rapidly changing world. If we are to meet the needs of our students and teachers, we should work together to bring new approaches to our work.


    Students and teachers should engage in learning that is individualized and relevant to their goals. They should be active constructors of learning, and be engaged in its metacognitive processes.


    Students and teachers should engage in learning that is individualized and relevant to their goals. They should be active constructors of learning, and be engaged in its metacognitive processes.

  • Facilitators

    Meeting in Northeastern University's Education Leadership doctoral program, our team of education leaders bring a wealth of knowledge founded on public, charter, and independent school experiences. Each team member brings their own set of interests and specialities that are enhanced through their collaborative approach.

    Julie Cook

    Teacher-leader at Souderton Charter School Collaborative. Passionate about collaborative leadership, student-driven learning, and school outside the box.

    Matt Downing

    K-8 technology coach in a large public school district who is interested in the way technology transforms learning and provides equity to student voices. His new obsession is Flipgrid.

    Jeannine Dunn

    Educational leader at Souderton Charter School Collaborative. Passionate about doing school differently. Interests include learning environments that are personalized, inclusive, culturally responsive, and hands-on.

    Mike Dunn

    Progressive education leader, and Director of College Counseling at AIM Academy. Interested in school change, distributed leadership, student-centered teaching/learning, and community partnership building

  • Process

    Our process is based on the Design Thinking popularized by Stanford University's d.school. We've adapted this process to create a macro protocol that promotes generative thinking, and context adaptability. Each EEI is then customized using micro protocols that guide participants through the honing of their vision, identification of starting points, and production of action plans.



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    Revise & Rethink

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  • Projects

    Highlights from past project work, including clickable links and details of ongoing work.

    The Education Entrepreneurship Incubator traveled to Philadelphia in the Fall of 2019 to engage in a 1-day design studio experience with a handful of educators from around the region. The day was preceded by a video conference meet-up, and included a follow-up video conference from our facilitation team. Click on the link above to see some results, testimonials, and other details from our day in Philadelphia.